Announcements for Lancaster’s Of Gold Canyon Havanese!

Dogs of Distinction

Checker’s new Grand Champion Portrait
© 2011

Checkers is ranked #1 in AZ in 2010 and 2011
by GCH points and is #32 nationally!

Coco’s new Champion Portrait
© 2011
Checkers is now an AKC Canine Good Citizen!
April 30, 2011
Bitzie is now an AKC Canine Good Citizen!Congratulations to owner Geri!
May 7, 2011

Checkers is training for the Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers
and Tacoma Kennel Club Shows held in WA in June, 2011

Checkers is now officially a Therapy Dog!

Not only is Checkers now a Therapy Dog, but as of 8/15/11, he has a new title. THD is a performance title awarded by AKC to Therapy dogs who have completed a minimum of 50 visits. So now Checkers name is GCH CH Lancaster’s Checkered Past CGC, THD. How cool is that??!! This is his true calling. He is an amazing Therapy Dog and it is humbling to watch him work his magic with someone who is terminally ill.

Tucson November 18-21, 2011
Checkers was shown against 2 of the top dogs in the country (#1 and #5) and he held his own winning “Select Dog”. Best of Breed would have been sweeter, but Select in that competition is not too shabby.

Checkers wins Best of Breed each day in a 4 day show in Yuma AZ in December, 2011. Way to go Checkers!!

EUKANUBA National Championship 2011 – Orlando Florida

Bitzie wins her Rally Novice Title – April 2012

She had to have a qualifying score in three meets. Next is off-leash Advanced Rally Obedience. Stay tuned for more great news from Tillie & Miki’s baby girl. She may very well out do her brother Checkers yet! Congrats to Bitzie’s owner Geri who has done a great job with her.

Miss Molly begins her show career with a bang!

Molly passed her Canine Good Citizen test on 3/2/13 She retired from the show ring with 5 points. She has the structure and the look of a show dog, but does not have the show dog “fire”. She will be much happier as a Therapy Dog curled up in a patient’s lap being petted and loved.

Beau (Molly’s brother aka CH Lancaster’s Southern Charm) became an AKC Champion after just 6 shows!! He’s now turning his attention to Rally. In his first time out on the Rally course, he scored a 99 out of a possible 100! Way to go Beau!! Beau lives with his Mom Erin in sunny Georgia.

Milli is now trying her hand in the show ring
At just under a year, Milli made her debut into the ring. She steadily improves with each show.

Milli passed her Canine Good Citizen test on 6/15/13!

Bentley passed his Canine Good Citizen test at the tender age of 5 months! He is a whiz with learning obedience – and he loves it! He has started his show career at the age of 7 months and he won his Puppy Class, Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex at his very first show in Houston in August 2014. He’s on a roll!!

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Welcome to the Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon Blog.  These blogs will be another way to receive information on what’s going on with our dogs, our breeding program and us.   Sunny’s puppies from the Trick or Treat Gang litter born on October 30th, 2012 went to their new homes yesterday.  It’s always a bittersweet time…