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I have had dogs my entire life, and have had the opportunity to experience many wonderful breeds. But my little Havanese from Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon is the best puppy raising experience I have ever had. Lucy Lancaster is a responsible, passionate breeder who is committed to raising quality dogs with exceptional temperaments. I would highly recommend a Havanese from the Lancasters! SR

Snickers & Maya

I first met Lucy in 2009 when I was researching various hypoallergenic dog breeds, and the Havanese caught my eye and my heart. I now have 2 exceptional, loving dogs from the Lancasters. My dogs are superbly healthy, and it was a pleasure to have a good head start on potty training and leash training already in place when we brought each pup home. Lucy has given great support since then, from boarding the dogs during our vacations to training advice to puppy reunion parties. Lucy is a breeder who truly loves each dog and wants to produce only the highest quality pups. Everything she does is top-notch. My dogs are beside themselves with joy every time they see Lucy! I am so glad I found Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon! KS


When I decided to get a Havanese, I researched breeders in Arizona. Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon was at the top. After meeting Lucy & Bob Lancaster, I knew this was where I was getting my puppy. I had pick of the litter and for 10 weeks I drove 1 hour to see Hailey and spend time with Lucy. Lucy spends so much time with her puppies, getting them acclimated to a variety of sights and sounds. Hailey is a very well adjusted 7 month old and I attribute this to Lucy. She is one of a kind!! WA

Rhody & Ari

I bought my first Havanese puppy from Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon and was so pleased that I went back 8 months later and bought a second puppy! Lucy Lancaster is the best breeder that I’ve ever come across. She breeds and raises quality puppies, giving them lots of love and care, and she even takes the time to potty and leash train each of them before they find new homes. When you buy a puppy from Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon, you become part of the Lancaster family. Lucy is always there to answer your questions and will even puppy sit when you go on vacation. I would recommend Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon to anyone looking for a Havanese puppy!” JS


After over one year of research we concluded that the Havanese would fit our lifestyle the best. To our surprise we found a breeder in our area. We believe the breeder, Lucy, has as much passion toward her puppies as any parent has toward their children. While we were waiting in great anticipation to take our puppy home, Lucy went far beyond our expectations in providing us with many pictures and updates as to her development. On the highly anticipated day when we picked Bella up, Lucy spent a lot of time in providing us in-depth information on her care. Bella was already litter box and crate trained which made the transition to our home so easy! Since then she has created so much joy and delight in our home. She is very smart, playful and a constant close companion. She is very welcoming to all our friends and strangers too, and loves playing with children. She was great on recent road-trips to the southern Colorado Rockies and The Grand Canyon. Bella is now a joyous part of our family and she always keeps us smiling! JR


When my friend told me that after a year of researching dogs she was getting a Havanese puppy, I decided our family needed one too. I went online and found Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon and fell in love with a little black and white female puppy. Not having animals since I was a child, I was very apprehensive about how to care for a puppy. Lucy practically held my hand throughout the whole process of what I needed to buy, what and when to feed her and how to bath and take care of her. After our extensive research of other breeders and our exceptional experience with Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon, we highly recommend them if you are considering a Havanese puppy. Lucy gives so much care and love to every puppy. She works with the puppies at all stages of their development up to and after the point that your new addition goes home with you – something we found to be very unique compared to other breeders. Havanese are easy and fun to train. Oreo is trained in agility courses, as a tennis ball return girl and every trick imaginable. Lucy, after almost three years, still takes the time to answer my questions and offer me advice. She offers boarding services; therefore, I get a worry free vacation and Oreo gets to play with her mom, siblings and other puppies in a familiar loving environment. We feel like we are a part of the Lancaster family and they are a part of ours. You simply won’t find a better Havanese breeder. SS


Our Havanese, Tyson, is the best thing to ever happen to our family! Besides being precious, he is very smart and playful. I had researched Havanese breeders for upwards of a year before finding Lucy of Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon. I went to visit the puppy first, to make sure he was going to be a “fit” for our family; my husband is not a dog lover and was hesitant to have a dog. After spending 2 hours with Lucy, I knew this puppy would be mine. A few days later, we went again as a family to visit Lucy and the puppy. Making the best decision of our lives, Tyson, came home with us! He is, and continues to be, the greatest source of happiness for our family! Thanks to Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon, we are proud owners of a wonderful dog!!! JB


One day at Petsmart, I met Lucy, the breeder at Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon. She had with her two of the most adorable dogs I had ever seen. I asked what kind of dogs they were? After a 45 minute lecture, I knew I had to have one and one from this breeder. The knowledge, love and care for each puppy was obvious. I gave Lucy my email address and was notified when the next litter arrived. We visited the new litter for about 6 weeks and finally decided on the one we wanted. Lexi is a beautiful white fluff ball, healthy and smart. She loves people and is very well adjusted thanks to Lucy’s hard work. Lexi is totally litter box trained and leashed trained, and best of all, she goes into her crate for the night and doesn’t utter a sound until I get her up in the morning. I can’t wait to get Lexi a playmate and Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon is the only breeder I would ever consider. A great big THANK YOU to Lucy. I am the owner of the most beautiful little Havanese. EN


Finding Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon was like finding a winning lottery ticket! My husband and I feel like we have won the lottery with the purchase of our very first “Furkid”. We did our research, and knew that we wanted a breeder who genuinely cared about the breed. After meeting Lucy and Bobbi, we knew that we were making the right choice. While Lucy works hard with the puppies throughout their development, she provided us with the knowledge and tools to be the best dog owners we could be. We were educated with articles and books and felt more than prepared for our new addition to come home. One thing that caught my attention when I visited the Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon website was the phrase “Dogs of Distinction”. This simple phrase sums up our little man. Huey couldn’t be a better puppy. We’d heard the horror stories from friends – crying all night, accidents on the carpet, furniture destroyed. We have not experienced any of these things and attribute this to the guidance Lucy provided. We visited the puppies weekly and Lucy provided us with pictures, updates and fun stories of their learning activities. We felt like we were truly adopting a family member and the Lancaster family is now part of ours. We plan on adopting another Havanese from Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon next year because we know we will never find a better Havanese breeder and we are proud to tell anyone who will listen about our wonderful experience. Huey is the true testament of what a great breeder can do. Thanks to the Lancasters for everything! T&H H

Maxwell & Lucas


We devoted two years to researching Havanese and searching for a reliable, caring and loving breeder. We selected two male puppies from health tests, pictures and a volume of helpful and important information provided voluntarily by Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon. We are so thrilled with our nearly two year old Boys that words cannot fully describe our joy. We love them dearly and could not possibly be happier or more grateful! We truly feel blessed. RJ & A C



Joey poses pretty on loungerIMG_3601

“Our little Joey may no be our whole life, but he sure made our life whole.” I would first like to say that from my husband’s and my experience, everything that the Lancasters say in their “ABOUT US” section on their webpage is absolutely true – not Madison Avenue hype. Lucy is the ultimate professional. The following are three examples of how well adjusted Joey was when we first brought him into our home.

  • The first night we put him into his crate, he whined for only 20 minutes and has never again made a sound when when put in his crate – day or night.
  • Joey immediately took to the “fake green grass” to go potty. Between the fake grass and the great outdoors, he has only had five accidents in the house and he is now 20 weeks old.
  • When he was fourteen weeks old, we drove for 2 1/2 days from Tucson to Sun Valley, Idaho for the summer. His temperament was so exceptional and he adjusted so well to each new situation that there was never any problem in the car or hotel rooms.

Neither of us have owned a dog as an adult. We are now retirees and many thought we were crazy to get a puppy. I now wish I had gotten a Havanese decades ago and from a breeder with the professionalism and caring personality of Lucy. She has ALWAYS been there to answer all our questions. Joey is a spirited, happy, healthy, secure and loving puppy. I can’t put into words how important he is to our lives. MR


Grooming Duffy 5 months (10)

Lucy is a Havanese breeder extraordinaire. We are new to the breed, and Lucy did a great job of educating us on everything we needed to know to ensure a good fit. Lucy does everything a good breeder should; she cares deeply for the dogs, mother and pups alike. She ensures proper nutrition, grooming, etc. But it’s the intangible aspects of her program that set her in a class alone. Lucy is deeply committed to her dogs, including puppies. They are (almost literally) an extension of her family, and you can see that in everything she does. Lucy takes great care to socialize her puppies, on a variety of fronts. Her dedication and care (that human touch) result in dogs that are “turn key” and ready to integrate into their new families. We have had our puppy for a little more than two weeks, and we are amazed at how far along he is in terms of potty training, sleeping through the night, eating well. We were a bit apprehensive about having a puppy again (our last puppy experience was almost 15 years ago). But it turns out we had nothing to worry about. Duffy is a spirited little guy, but very well socialized. He gets along with everyone, even our other dog. Lucy got him started off right, and it’s been very easy to continue the program she started. The information Lucy provided, and the time she personally took to ensure our questions were answered has been invaluable. We can’t recommend her highly enough, as a person and a breeder. Thank you Lucy! S & H C


Jan 8.5 weeks (4) Jan 8.5 weeks Jan 8.5 weeks (2)

We have had Miss Bonnie busy with trips, yard work, playing in the sprinklers, she does not skip a step. She stays by our side. Bonnie has become quite the protector. If she’s not playing she lays on the back patio and watches the girls play, if they move she moves. She has even stood in front of the girls when I’m getting after them and barks at me as if telling me to back off…lol. She makes me laugh and cry. I didn’t know this love existed. We have had other dogs and they were part of our family and we loved them but this little lady is something else. She has my heart.  She makes my day when I’ve been under the weather and take a nap, I wake to Bonnie laying on the floor on my side of the bed or when the girls are in the shower I have found her laying in front of the door waiting for them. She is simply amazing. Thank you again. DR


Guinness Dec 2015

Once we decided on the breed, our research brought us to Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon.  It is refreshing to see someone put so much effort into breeding puppies.  Lucy is amazing!  She really covers all the bases.  Her organized puppy visits are a great way to get to know her and her beautiful dogs/puppies.  She is a wealth of knowledge on all things Havanese and has a talent for matching the right puppy to the right person or family.  We couldn’t be happier with Guinness. our 1 1/2 year old Havanese and we can’t wait to take home another of Lucy’s puppies. D & R L




Oscar is the son of Nova and Molly from Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon.  He exhibits the outstanding physical characteristics of the Havanese breed, but more importantly to us is his outgoing and loving personality.  Oscar meets people easily, approaching even strangers with a wagging tail.  It is a riot watching his antics during playtime.  He likes his walks outside and shows boundless curiosity.  Oscar has added a wonderful new dimension to our lives.  Oscar did not acquire his outstanding physical and personality traits by happenstance.  Lucy applies highly effective methods in breeding and socializing her puppies.  In addition, she prepares puppy parents through extensive communication and visits with the puppies.  She provides demonstrations and educational materials on grooming and other aspects of raising healthy, emotionally stable and loving puppies.  Lucy weighs the personalities of the puppies and offers suggestions about the best fit for the needs and capabilities of each family.  The result for us was a perfect match-we got the best dog in the litter!  MB & CM


Havana (4) Havana and Presslie

Our experience with Lucy Lancaster has been the most exciting and rewarding experience.  As strange as it may sound, I brag about our breeder whenever I have the chance.  The visits, the videos, emails and photos put Lucy in a class of breeders that is sadly unheard of today  She keeps us involved, educated, entertained and excited.  Our first visit was almost a year ago and we met some “spoken for” puppies, adult dogs and of course, Lucy.  As we were interacting with all of the Havanese, she asked about our home life, how we saw the puppy fitting in and which of her adult dogs we liked best – and why.  We did not know that we were already being interviewed for the upcoming union of our new puppy.  Once our litter was born, we were eager to book visit times and we were able to come multiple times to play with the puppies.  Lucy’s home is always clean and comfortable, the dogs are always interested in being loved on and the socialization process is obviously under way.  There is a soundtrack playing with fireworks and crying babies and other loud noises.  We have been so blessed to be part of the Lancaster Havanese lineage.  This is a family and it shows.  We are looking forward to play dates with littermates and the annual Puppy Play Day.  Thank you Lucy for the missing piece of our crew.  Havana has changed us all for the better and I can’t imagine life without our wonderful little pup. KH & IB


Chelsea Chelsea

Lucy is amazing!  She and her happy, healthy group of Havanese are the best.  When we were searching for a Havanese puppy, we came across Lucy’s website.  It was immediately clear that all of her dogs are healthy, happy and well adjusted.  Once we met Lucy and all the dogs, we were blown away.  At every step, from pregnancy through birth through the 10 weeks the puppies stayed with Lucy and their Mom, Lucy kept us fully informed and sent tons of cute pictures and videos of the puppies.  Since we brought Chelsea home, we have stayed in touch with Lucy.  She has provided timely, thoughtful advice whenever we have questions or when she has something she thinks we should know about.  If we get a little brother or sister for Chelsea, we will certainly call on Lucy!!  BS & BP


Maddie 16 weeks old

I have to say that my Maddie is the cutest and best puppy ever.  Cutest because she had an amazing Mommy and best because of Lucy!  My journey started with a phone conversation with Lucy and ended on July 3rd when I brought my puppy home.  To have the “best puppy ever” is due to the love, care and attention that Lucy pays to all of her dogs and puppies.  She studies what is best for the puppies and works tirelessly to have all of them healthy and socialized when they leave.  We bring home puppies that are happy, crate trained, potty pad trained and ready for loving relationships with their new owners.  SD


Jane self stacked 6 weeks Pippa

Lucy is one of those exceptional people who loves breeding quality dogs.  Her puppies are well prepared to go out to the big new world and into their new homes.  Under Lucy’s guidance, they are exposed to a variety of experiences and challenges so that they may be successful in their future growth.  Lucy keeps potential owners totally involved about the breeding, delivery and daily updates for each of her puppies.  I am so very pleased she was recommended to me by two “Havanese experts” after I lost my two best furry friends this past summer.  I now have the most wonderful puppy with me.  Pippa is as good as gold!  Barely a whimper from her on our first night and now she is sleeping well and that is greatly appreciated.  Ironically, for being so young, she has quickly learned the boundaries which are necessary for puppies to grow into well behaved adults.  Since I’ve only had her for a six days, I’m sure the majority of that good behavior came from Lucy.  Pippa is very good with the potty routine, walks well on a leash, usually comes to me on command and even knows how to play fetch!  We are having terrific fun getting to know each other.  She is so playful and sweet and I couldn’t love her more.  Hopefully, I will be lucky enough to get Pippa a playmate from Lucy.  I can’t think of a more knowledgeable and involved breeder than she.  MM


 Tess 4 mos  Tess testimonial pic (2)   Tess testimonial pic   Tess testimonial pic (3)  Tess testimonial pic (4)  Tess testimonial pic (5)

Tess has been part of our lives for a year and a half now and I can honestly say she has lived up to one of her puppy nicknames, Mary Poppins, because she is practically perfect in every way.  I am sure she is so wonderful because of Lucy-who is genuine, caring, straightforward, loving and an expert in the breed and in raising puppies.  We adopted Tess in August 2014, and it has been bliss ever since.  Tess was a perfect guest at the airport and on the flight home, and she transitioned into our home with incredible ease.  She quickly became the sweetheart of the family, raising everyone’s spirits with her perky and joyful manner.  She was and remains the calmest, most secure puppy anyone has ever seen-countless people have been struck by how calm she is for her age.  She is cuddly and playful, yet can entertain herself and is content just to be near.  By 7 months she was totally house trained, ringing bells to go outside.  She earned her CGC before she was a year old.  She is learning freestyle dance and is the star of our class.  She has gone on 50 mile backpacking adventures and is equally content to sleep in the RV on long road trips.  She is friendly with everyone she meets, whether canid, human, young or old.  She has never been yappy.  She is the only one who can get our cat to play and has given our older collie new life.  Tess can even get our pet ducks to play with her.  She loves every human  member of our family too, making each feel special.  She is the fastest learner I’ve ever met, and the happiest.  She is truly the love of our lives! We are so eternally grateful for Tess. KB


Ruby (2)  Ruby 10 weeks (5) Ruby 

We cannot say enough about Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon and Lucy Lancaster.  Not only did she help us choose the absolute right puppy for our family, but she treats us like family.  From the first time we met her and her dogs, we knew this was the right breeder for us.  She is so knowledgeable and helps you every step of the way.  She provides a wealth of knowledge and raises such sweet dogs and puppies.  She socializes the puppies in every way possible and helps you choose a puppy that’s right for you.  We didn’t get the puppy we originally thought we wanted but couldn’t be happier with our final decision!  We LOVE our little Ruby!  She has the best temperament and just “goes with the flow”.  Everyone who meets her comments on how sweet she is and how calm she is.  At 4 months old, she was pretty much housebroken and has learned to ring bells at the door to go out.  She is super smart and not too mischievous.  She is the best snuggler and has made our family complete!  JC




My sweet girl is Lancaster’s Black Caviar. I call her Beluga. She is an absolutely beautiful, lovable, sweet, fun loving Havanese. One minute adorably rambunctious…the next all tuckered out and snuggled up asleep on my lap. She is my constant shadow and best little friend!  It is no accident that Beluga is the gentle, trusting, well-adjusted, happy puppy I know and love. Lucy Lancaster, AKC Breeder of Merit and Owner of Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon Havanese, literally made her that way…through outstanding breeding choices over the past 10 years, and through the way she raises all her puppies while in her loving care. How do I know? Lucy keeps every new family-to-be updated with daily messages, a wealth of photos and loads of videos chronicling all the puppies’ progress. She exposes them to a wealth of stimuli, including all sorts of visitors, sounds, experiences, all manner of other species, etc. She even has them well on their way to being potty and leash trained before they leave for their new homes. Remarkable! I am continually in awe of the love, dedication, time and effort Lucy puts into the well being of all her dogs and puppies.  As if that were not enough, Lucy is always there for us after we take our precious puppies home. We can call or write anytime forever more for help. That’s true puppy love!  Knowing all this first hand, I can honestly say I would never, ever consider getting a puppy from anyone other than Lucy Lancaster, and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone interested in getting the best puppy imaginable. B’OB


We had our first Havanese for 11 years, and we just love the breed.  After doing my research, I found Lucy and Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon.  And, we are beyond words to express how grateful we are to have a puppy from the Lancasters.  Lucy does an incredible job with keeping you informed of the pregnancy, the birth, and daily updates (and photos!) on the health and well-being of each puppy.  She is a passionate breeder who loves each dog and is devoted to producing high quality, well adjusted puppies.  Lucy spends a great deal of time potty training the puppies as well as leash training.  She exposes them to all kinds of sights and sounds, and works hard to socialize the puppies.  In addition to the time Lucy gives to each puppy, she also provides incredible support to us new human moms!  You get lots of great advice and recommendations of how to be ready when your puppy comes home as well as questions answered promptly when you need help.  I would highly recommend Lucy and Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon.  We are so full of joy to have Abby in our lives, as well as the Lancaster family. Thank you Lucy! CD


I cannot say enough about Lucy and her breeding program.  From the time she contacted me on the phone, I knew I had found a very special breeder.  Her breeding program is exceptional.  She takes great care in health testing her dogs so you know you are getting a very healthy dog.   She also takes exceptional care in developing all the puppies. They are socialized, have a fantastic start at potty training and are very well adjusted.  We have had Gracie for a little over two weeks and everyone comments on how calm she is.  From birth until the time you take your puppy home Lucy keeps in daily contact with pictures and updates.  She provides very helpful articles on puppy rearing prior to birth and after.  She continually checks in to see how everything is going.  Lucy gets back to you as quickly as possible with any questions you have.  We are so tickled with our little Gracie we are on the waiting list for another puppy.   Gracie is so smart and easy to train.  We have had her a little over two weeks we are amazed at how fast she learns.  We credit this to Lucy’s program.
We were blessed to have found Lucy and are delighted to welcome Gracie to our family. DA


     From the second that we met you Lucy there was no doubt in our mind that we were adopting a puppy from you.  Your puppies and adult dogs were obviously happy and well cared for and you spent several hours with us discussing the nuances of the Havanese breed, their diet, habits, and care. I could not ask for a more knowledgeable, caring breeder. It was especially important to see both of the parents (residing on site), and observe their amazing temperaments. We were immediately impressed with how even-tempered all of your adult dogs were. From your knowledgeable and patient expertise in answering all our questions, and to the obvious love and care you have for your dogs, we have been very happy with our decision to get our puppy from you.  
     Lucy, we can’t thank you enough for the wonderful little addition to our family. We brought Coco home in April and she has been an amazing puppy right from that initial car ride home. She cuddled up with us and immediately made a spot in all of our hearts. From the very first night she slept in her crate with little fuss.  Coco quickly learned within the first few weeks to walk on a leash and has learned the commands sit, come, stay and down. She has been a breeze to house train and has an incredibly sweet and energetic personality. I can’t tell you how many compliments we get on both her looks and her behavior whenever we take her out.  She has made many friends within our neighborhood and is constantly eager to greet new people and other dogs. I credit your early socialization program for her great personality. The extra time and effort you have spent with your puppies made a difference in her development and it clearly shows. Everyone always asks where we got such a beautiful dog and we very proudly tell them about you and your breeding program. 
     Without hesitation we would like to recommend your Havanese to other families.  We wish you continued success with your breeding program and can’t thank you enough for our new family member.
Sincerest Thanks.  GH


I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience “adopting” Scout and working with Lucy Lancaster.  Lucy is a consummate pro; she pours her heart and soul into raising her puppies and making sure they are placed in loving homes.  She meticulously helps families pick the right pup, instinctively knowing the perfect match.  We went into this process wanting a tan female and left with a black and white male and our Scout is the best dog we have ever owned.  Bar none.  He is intelligent, loving and a ton of fun!  This is due to Lucy’s love and care while her puppies are in their early stages of development.  The puppies are held and cared for as if they are children and continuously socialized and stimulated.  Adoptive families are included in every step of the process from conception to the time they go home with you.  Even after you bring your pup home, Lucy stays in touch and keeps you informed of the latest and greatest food, toys, research etc.  She is an incredible breeder and an extremely gracious and kind human being.  We’re already discussing when to adopt our next Lancaster pup.  I would never consider another breeder.  Lucy and her program are unrivaled.