Lancaster's of Gold Canyon

Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon Havanese

A CHIC # means that the dog has had all of the recommended health tests for its breed as determined by the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) and the parent club for each breed (i.e., Havanese Club of America).  Each breed has a different set of required tests depending on which health concerns are specific to that breed.  For Havanese, CHIC requires BAER (hearing), eyes, patellas and hips.  At Lancaster’s of Gold Canyon, our dogs are tested for more than what CHIC requires. We routinely test for hip and elbow dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes (LCP), patella luxation, cardiac anomalies, liver diseases and deafness.  Eyes are checked yearly.

A CHIC # is not given until the dog is at least two years old.  All of our test results are proudly reported to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ( and individual results can be viewed there as well as the results of many of their relatives.

Lancaster's of Gold Canyon

The Girls

Dottie (DOB 8/25/17) – Lancaster’s Connect the Dots. CHIC 146175

Click HERE for Dottie's pedigree

Dottie is from Tita and Bentley’s second litter. She has a sturdy structure and an incredible coat. She is a happy girl who loves to play. Dottie has passed all of her health testing and she’s looking good!

Rosie on the run 2-18-18 (17)

Rosie (DOB 1/22/17) – CH Lancaster’s Run for the Roses. CHIC 140840

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Rosie is from Tita and Bentley’s first litter and she truly got the best of both her parents. She has Tita’s beauty and Bentley’s happy energy. She burned up the show ring and became an AKC Champion in December of 2017.  We are looking forward to many years with her beautiful smile.


DAISY (DOB 5/8/20) – Lancaster’s Sonoran Desert Daisy CGC

Daisy is a pandemic puppy born during the Covid-19 lockdown. We had to be creative in socializing her and she loved having all my attention for the first 6 months of her life. She would have been great in the show ring, but the shows were all canceled. She easily passed her CGC test and all her preliminary health tests. We will get her final tests done and likely breed her in 2022. Her parents are Dottie and Jasper.



The Boys

jasper photo

Jasper (DOB 12/18/18) – CH Amistosa’s Lancaster at Jasper 

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CHIC 154791.

Jasper was bred by Canadian breeder Terri Fudge of Amistosa Havanese. He came to us at 10 weeks of age and we immediately knew he was something special. At 7 months of age, Jasper went to live in Virginia with his handler and compete in conformation shows throughout the Summer and Fall. He came back an AKC Champion and has completed his health tests which can be seen on He has a genetic diversity profile with UC Davis and Better Bred. We are thrilled to have Jasper contributing to our breeding program and the Havanese breed at large. He is an exceptional dog. He is beautiful inside and out!

Stud service with Jasper is available to approved, AKC/CKC registered and health tested bitches.

Lancaster's of Gold Canyon

BENTLEY (DOB 1/2/14) – CH Lancaster’s Life of the Parti CGCA. CHIC 111048 

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Bentley is a happy and energetic boy who likes to be busy.  He passed the Canine Good Citizen test at 5 months of age, then went into the show ring and became an AKC Champion.  After that, he passed his Advanced Canine Good Citizen test.  Now we do Canine Freestyle (Doggie Dancing) to keep us both out of trouble.

Stud service with Bentley is available to approved, AKC registered and health tested bitches.


BOO (DOB 5/2/05) – Lancaster’s Peek-A-Boo. CHIC 46112

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Boo was our first Havanese and all our hopes were on her. Unfortunately, she was unable to safely deliver her first litter of puppies and had to have an emergency C-Section and spay.  All five puppies survived beautifully and Boo was a great Mom to them.  She continues to live with us and enjoys her role as Great-Great-Great Grandma Boo.  She now helps us raise everyone else’s puppies and has celebrated her 16th birthday this year.

Boo (6)

TITA (DOB 5/24/15) – Christa’s Jumpy Clown Inazza. CHIC 121915

Click HERE for Tita’s Pedigree

Tita came all the way from Budapest and we are grateful for the contributions she has made to our breeding program. Tita has the most beautiful and lush red coat, a gorgeous face with expressive eyes and a sweet and playful personality.

Lancaster's of Gold Canyon
Lancaster's of Gold Canyon

CHECKERS (DOB 2/5/10) – Grand Champion, CH Lancaster’s Checkered Past THD CGC. CHIC 81024

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Checkers is a breeder’s dream. As a very young puppy he showed more promise than any puppy ever produced from our breeding program. Our Tillie and Miki are his parents. He started his show career at 6 months old and became an AKC Champion at the tender age of 8 months! After resting through the Christmas holidays, and on the weekend of his 1st birthday, he became an AKC Grand Champion. He was invited and attended the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship show in 2011 and he made the cut! Checkers’ true calling, however, is working as a Therapy Dog. He has an intuitive ability that is amazing to experience.  Checkers passed his Canine Good Citizen test on 4/30/11 and has been officially registered as a Therapy Dog with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. He has retired from the Pet Therapy program of Hospice of the Valley.